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Sonya (SUNETT) was born in 1995 in Ukraine. As a member of a family of musicians, her education in music began almost at birth.



After her parents’ divorce when she was three years old, Sonya’s love of music became her strength while living between two households. Sonya’s dedication to her craft persisted throughout her childhood.  Upon graduation from kindergarten, Sonya was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her one and only answer was: “A singer.”



Sonya proceeded to nurture her musical talents in her childhood and teenaged years by performing when and where she could. Her performances at small events, charity functions, and school productions laid the groundwork Sonya would use to find success as an adult.


In September 2011, Sonya made her professional debut as a singer. After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Arts in 2016, she was well on her way to establishing herself in the industry.

2014 saw her first tour in China with the “DiViNe Show”.  Featuring four talented young women, the performance consisted of three ballet dancers with Sonya as their

Sonya JT

accompanying singer. This tour further honed Sonya’s vocal talent as well as

kick-starting her skills as a dancer.



Sonya made her songwriting debut in 2016 and returned to her inspiration in 2018.



After moving to China in 2016, Sonya rounded out her musical expertise by performing as a soloist and as a member of several international groups including a pop/rock band, a girl band, and an a cappella group - The AquaBellas. Soon after, Sonya began her career as a music producer.

After returning to Ukraine in August 2018, she began work on her debut EP titled, “Just Wanna Be Yours”.

1st Of November 2019, SUNETT released her debut Music Video. EP had to be out a month later, but Sonya get a creative crisis so EP was out only February 2021

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